Auto Impound Management

The Auto Impound Management (AIM) system developed by NOBEL Systems has been designed to eliminate the problems and confusion so often associated with auto impound management.


Procurement for our public sector clients is now easier than ever through our lead agency contracting process with OMNIA Partners Company.

Streamline Your Dispatch and
Towing Operations with Our All-in-One Software Solution

Our cloud-based software provides a comprehensive solution for public sector agencies of all sizes to manage dispatch, towing, impound, payables, and reporting. It enables agencies to create, send, and monitor tow requests for single or multiple tow operators using a web portal or mobile devices.

OMNIA partners is dedicated to identifying custom solution that deliver savings and streamline operations for a more efficient procurement process. Explore our solutions below to discover how we can be your ally in purchasing.

Simplify and automate the auto impound process.

The Automated AIM System significantly reduces impound costs by automating the dispatch process and allowing officers direct access to tow operators and DMV records via the cloud.
By introducing an administrative fee, your organization or agency can effortlessly offset the expenses associated with this software while also unlocking a fresh stream of revenue.

AIM Key Features

Here are some key features of our product that will help you:

1. Automated Dispatch

2. Impound Management

3. Automated Notification’s management for unclaimed vehicles

4. Patented Auction process management

5. Tower Management

6. Roll Based Security

7. Audit Trail

8. Procurement for our public sector clients is now easier than ever through our contracting process with OMNIA Partners

How Does AIM Work?

See how our automated AIM solution stacks up against a manual system.

Step 1

Officer makes initial
tow request

Manual System

Automated AIM System

Step 2

Dispatch contacts
tow operator

Step 3

Tower arrives and
vehcile is towed to
impounding facility

Step 4

Notification letter is
created and distributed

Step 5

Impounded vehcile is
put up for auction

*Estimates are based on a new implementation of a $40 admin fee.

AIM = Net Revenue and Savings of over $486,000 in the first year

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