NOBEL Systems Products and Services

Our software solutions are designed to be cost-effective and efficient. Utilizing the benefits of cloud computing, you can access your account anywhere that you have an internet connection, simply using your secure, role-based login.


Auto Impound

The Auto Impound Management® (AIM®) system developed by NOBEL Systems is designed to eliminate the problems and confusion often associated with auto impound management. AIM® tracks and controls each vehicle in its charge from the moment it is impounded to the moment it is reclaimed, auctioned, or recycled as dictated by local, state and federal regulations. This successful and easy-to-use management tool is the product of cutting-edge technology coupled with a comprehensive understanding of the business of auto impound management, its problems, and its goals.

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Vehicle Impound Enforcement and Auction Mgmt. (AVAPS)

Our Abandon Vehicle Auction Processing Service (AVAPS) handles all of your Abandoned Vehicle Notifications, Pre-Auction, Auction, and Post-Auction processing needed to meet State requirements.


Parking Enforcement Mgmt. (PEMS-AI)

PEMS-AI is a product that combines Artificial Intelligence and Automatic License Plate Reading (ALPR) technology to scan and detect parking violations in any City. PEMS-AI is a comprehensive solution for managing your parking operations. It connects your parking meter kiosks, ticketing devices, parking permit systems, booting systems; tow management systems and PEO activity tracking, all in one interface.


Manage Office

Manage Office Supplies™ (MOS™) addresses the need for real-time tracking and inventory of office supplies and general office consumables. Manage Office Supplies™ (MOS™) provides a simple interface which promotes an efficient work flow for the management of tracking office supplies along with tracking dollars and cents associated with it.

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vinsmart®( is an easy, inexpensive way to purchase vehicle history reports with vehicle valuations. By simply entering a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) into VINSmart, consumers access the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) database. NMVTIS is the only vehicle history database in the nation to which ALL states, insurance carriers, and junk and salvage yards are required to report to monthly.

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Fleet Maintenance System™

Fleet Maintenance System™ (FMS™) offers municipalities and city agencies a consolidated yet robust set of tools for tracking expenses related to agency-owned/leased vehicle maintenance and operations, all from a web-based platform with no need to install and maintain software.


Government Property

Government Property Maintenance™ (GPM™) helps track everything from constituent services, to the needs of different departments to specific projects such as the environmental stewardship of public/private land. This software solution assists municipalities as they deal with current budgetary restrictions, manpower reduction and other tools to make government run more effectively. Example: Tracking constituent complaints by department.


Smarter Auction™

Smarter Auction™ is a licensed product from RainWorx Software. Branded and Interfaced with AIM® (Auto Impound Management®), our award-winning flagship software solution for state and local government agencies. Smarter Auction™ is configured and customized for a seamless interface with AIM to upload impounded and unclaimed vehicles to an online auction site.



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